HOPE Day Center

The HOPE Center is a day resource center that provides free services to the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless. The HOPE Center offers case management, vocational counseling, mental health counseling, and supportive housing counseling, as well as referrals to pro-bono doctors, dentists, and state and federal entitlements. Additional HOPE Center services include a food pantry, hot meals, a clothing closet, laundry and shower facilities, access to voice mail and a mailbox, and transportation services to medical appointments and job interviews. A Family Nurse Practitioner offers free healthcare every week, including help accessing free or reduced cost prescriptions for clients. In our recent operating year, The HOPE Center provided 26,457 various services to 1,364 individuals. The number of people served by the HOPE Center has grown each year since we first addressed the needs of 250 people in need in 2001-2002. JOURNEYS is proud to offer in-person counseling services to help all community members navigate the new healthcare law. This service is free of charge to any community member who would like to schedule an appointment. This service is a special offering through the collaboration of our partner agencies.

HOPE Center services are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except major holidays.

JOURNEYS | The Road Home
1140 East Northwest Highway
Palatine | Illinois 60074
Phone | 847 963 9163 (HOPE Center, x117)

HOPE Center Statistics
The HOPE Center clinical staff provides needed services to help clients transition out of homelessness and to prevent those who are at-risk from becoming homeless.

July 2012-June 2013 | 1,364 People Served | 33,990 Services Delivered
July 2011-June 2012 | 1,362 People Served | 36,647 Services Delivered
July 2010-June 2011 | 1,136 People Served | 26,457 Services Delivered
July 2009-June 2010 | 863 People Served | 32,342 Services Delivered
July 2008-June 2009 | 659 People Served | 30,007 Services Delivered
July 2007-June 2008 | 470 People Served | 16,700 Services Delivered
July 2006-June 2007 | 425 People Served | 12,400 Services Delivered
July 2005-June 2006 | 372 People Served | 10,200 Services Delivered
July 2004-June 2005 | 320 People Served | 7,027 Services Delivered
July 2003-June 2004 | 270 People Served | 8,833 Services Delivered
July 2002-June 2003 | 265 People Served | 8,574 Services Delivered
July 2001-June 2002 | 250 People Served | 7,361 Services Delivered

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